Starring Christina Rose / Directed by Joseph Marconi / Hair & Make up by Jillian Halouska / Music Coordination by Kathryn Shapiro / Produced by Kathryn Shapiro, Anna Turkot, Joseph Marconi / Styling by MarTina

This was an ambitious project for me. From early on the art direction was established... a 60s French/Italian/Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired shoot. The concept is what took some time, finding a way to make a provocative, yet fun, video about a woman constructing an empty and plastic relationship. There were quite a few set backs but in the end it came together over
12 hrs on a Friday.

Thanks to TONE for the usage of his mannequin and to Craig Van Den Brulle for allowing us to shoot in his amazing Lighting boutique in the LES. and of course Anna Turkot who literally saved my ass at 8:30pm the night before.